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Meet Vivian Azrya, a visionary storyteller and the creative force behind Rya's Gallery, an illustrious realm where moments are captured, emotions immortalized, and narratives unfold through the lens of her camera.

With an artistic journey that commenced at 17, Vivian's entrepreneurial spirit found its roots in her boutique, laying the foundation for her boundless creativity. Evolving as a manager, photographer, and adept photo editor, Vivian honed her craft, culminating in an internship under the tutelage of renowned celebrity photographer Derek Blanks, a pivotal moment that catapulted her into the vibrant entertainment industry of Atlanta, GA.

RYA—'Rare, Young, and Ambitious'—embodies

Vivian's ethos, a testament to her unyielding belief in God, hard work, and dedication. Her journey underscores the boundless potential of self-taught knowledge and relentless research, echoing the legacy encapsulated in her father's name, 'Azrya'.

Guided by her mother's nurturing of a strong work ethic, Vivian seamlessly navigates the realms of content creation and influence, collaborating with esteemed brands while radiating authenticity and style. As the co-founder of Rya's Gallery, she serves as a beacon of inspiration, reminding us that ambition, faith, and an unwavering quest for greatness can illuminate extraordinary paths.

Vivian Azrya: storyteller, curator, visionary—her lens capturing the essence of life's moments, etching them into the annals of time at Rya's Gallery.

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